How to Distinguish the Fake from the Original Perfume?

Counterfeiting of products of different character has taken deep roots, and it is all around us. An important topic that concerns perfume users is whether the purchased product is genuine.

There are many perfumes on the market that make consumers distrustful and cautious. In turn, this threatens the reputation of the correct distributors of original brand perfumes.

When we buy perfume, especially online, sometimes it is a big challenge and we always doubt whether we have made the right choice and whether the price is worth it. Therefore, I will present some hallmarks that you can judge if the perfume you purchased is original or fake.

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Let’s start the analysis from the outside, gradually moving inwards into what lies behind the beautiful appearance of the bottle.


Quite a few manufacturers of counterfeit perfumes try to make the same box like the original but there is always a detail that is different on it. The package is the first thing of a perfume that the consumer notices. We can easily judge if the perfume in the package is fake if:

  • Spelling or grammatical mistakes have been made on the package.
  • The cellophane is not tightly attached to the cardboard box, or its colour is not transparent (misty and wrinkly).

A reputable perfume house would never make such a mistake. The cellophane should be transparent, firmly adhering to the carton and not easily torn.

The real package is made of high-quality cardboard that is designed to protect the bottle from damage. Therefore, the box has a special construction inside that holds the perfume. Fake makers often save on these details.

But, before you rush into your conclusions about the packaging of a perfume, there are two more things to consider:

  • The package of the original product may be damaged by improper transport.
  • Original perfumes without official package are also sold on the store network, the so-called “testers” which have the same quality.

Speaking of packaging, the barcode should be clearly visible on it and shows in which country the perfume is made. Here are some examples of numbers to keep track of:

Canada, USA 00-09, France 30-37, United Kingdom 50, Italy 80-83, Spain 84, Germany 400-440.

Many people think that perfume barcode indicates whether it is original or not. In fact, we should not judge this alone because the barcode is the easiest part to fake.

Like any other product, perfumes must be marked with a serial number. It is placed usually at the bottom of the bottles. The same should be on the box.


Perfume BottleThe bottle must be of good quality with attractive appearance – its surface should be smooth, the inscriptions precise, no smeared texts and emblems, no bubbles in the glass. The cap should attach tightly to the bottle and not fall if you turn the perfume upside down.

At the bottom of the bottle is placed the origin of the perfume with the words “Made in…”. Although you may come across a bottle indicating the origin of the perfume, there are other signs to tell you whether it is original or not.


The liquid inside the bottle should be transparent lacking any sludge, difference in nuances or particles.

The scent of the original perfume is multilayered and consists of top, heart and base notes. The scent of the fake perfume is a bit reminiscent of the original but in most cases, they have nothing in common considering the ingredients.

If you have doubts that the perfume may be fake, you should not spray it on your skin because you do not know what chemical ingredients it consists of and how harmless it is to your health.



PerfumesIn most cases, a perfume has several quantitative variants, the most common being 30, 50 and 100 ml. Some manufacturers create perfumes whose largest quantities can be 90, 75 or even 65 ml.

Non-genuine perfumes are usually available in the largest possible quantity (usually packs of 100 ml.) as this packaging can be sold at a higher price and with a higher profit.


The price is not 100% decisive, but it certainly matters a lot.

People wonder very often why the prices of perfumes on the Internet are lower than those in the stores. The answer to this question lies in the lower expenses. Maintaining a website on the internet is at a much lower cost because it is not necessary to pay rents for retail space, staff salaries and supplies (electricity, water, heating).

Many large companies already offer online shopping which in many cases is more profitable both for the customers and the business itself. But, online shopping cannot completely replace the need for stores where you can try a product or get professional opinion and advice.

Almost all websites that offer non-genuine perfumery products do not have company and address information, but only a contact number. Most brand perfume companies also have their official stores which allow you to check the quality of their products on the spot.

Before placing an order, search the website for more information about the company that serves you. Also, make sure it offers a receipt or an invoice. This will ensure that you are buying from a licensed brand perfume business.

On the other hand, the market also offers quite cheap branded quality perfumes from manufacturers in the lower price range.

Manufacturing Defects

Defects can always appear because the entire production process is mechanized and automated.

I have started working at a cosmetics manufacturing company and I can say that there is strict control over the raw materials, part-finished goods and products before being transported to the respective points of sale.

A very low percentage of perfumes can have a manufacturing defect, especially in the sprayer. Also, the package and content of the perfume can be damaged by improper storage or transport. There is no guarantee that a defective perfume can get to you, even if it is original.


Renovation of Existing Perfumes

The reason for the difference in the fragrance maybe also the change in the formula of a perfume. Here are the main reasons for the renovation of existing perfumes:

The scent is up to date. Keeping the smells up to date with fashion boosts sales, especially for popular perfumes that were created many years ago. From a marketing point of view, classic perfume is an outdated product and shows fewer satisfactory sales. In contrast, some people love the old scent and consider it as classic.

Changes in ingredient regulations. Sometimes an ingredient is no longer available or is not authorized in a particular country which requires the scent to be adjusted to meet certain requirements of the International Fragrance Association.

Saving money. The fact that some companies change the formulas of their perfumes with the primary purpose of saving money and increasing profits is very common. Natural ingredients are replaced with their synthetic counterparts because they are less expensive.

Change of production location. This is also a prerequisite for a renovation in the formula from a technical point of view. The ingredients change and technological processes evolve. It is normal for a company to have a little difference in the odour of the separate batches. Sometimes, when classic perfumes are made using modern methods or ingredients, they just don’t smell exactly like the original marketed many years ago.

Why Are Perfumes a Subject to Imitation and Replication?

Branded perfumes are a subject of imitation because of their high price and high return of investments that such products bring. Perfumes have a long shelf life which makes them easy to distribute and trade.

There is also a tendency that famous designer houses launch different gift sets on the market every season. A website that offers such sets with perfumes and body products included is much more likely to sell original products. This is due to the laboriousness of producing a complete set of replicas that requires a lot of time and expense.

Cosmetics Set

Despite the higher price, buying a gift set always comes out much better than buying a separate perfume and body product. On the other hand, it is advisable to use products of the same series with the same scent of your perfume.

If you are unsure about the quality of a website but want to check if the products are genuine, order a small millilitre of your favourite perfume. Even if it turns out to be fake, you will not regret the money given.


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